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Alarm Monitoring | Yearly Service For Your Security System

Security System Technician askthesecurityguy
A security system that is serviced yearly is a security system that is going to be reliable and functioning correctly when needed. Many security companies install security systems, hookup the alarm monitoring and you then you don’t hear from them for years until you call them with a problem.

A good security company will offer you a yearly maintenance agreement and explain the value of this to you. Most security systems do indicate when there is a problem by indicating on the keypad with a trouble light and beeping. The will system will also call the alarm monitoring service report the trouble. This is the case for Low Battery, Loss of supervision etc but not the case if you have problems with sensors or general wear and tear. This can only be found by the technician performing an inspection and full test on your system.

The cost of not doing a yearly inspection on your security system can be great and cost you far more in the long run if the system doesn’t function correctly if an intrusion or fire occurs.

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Are You Receiving a Discount On Your Insurance

Did you know that when you have a security system you may be eligible to receive up to 20% discount on your home and business insurance. You should check with your insurance provider as the savings mean more money in your pocket. If you have a monitored security system your monitoring company provider should provide you with an insurance certificate indicating what kind of protection you have. You should also ask about additional discounts if you have Fire Protection, Flood Protection and backup communications like a cell backup etc. Read More

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