Know Who is at Your Door When Your Home and Not Home

A fully Wireless Color Video Door Intercom by Optex is the Answer. I have installed quite a few of these video intercom systems and I Love them. For starters the Optex products are high quality security products. I prefer and have used many of them for my customers. When they came out with the Video Intercom that is fully wireless I had to check it out. This product is by far one of the best video intercom’s on the market, feature rich, price and you can install it your self. I have one on my home also.

The video intercom’s front door station is small and looks great, you install AA batteries into it and then just fix it beside your front door. The inside station comes with a base station charger, you can place this anywhere in the home. Usually you would put it in the central area or kitchen. If you have a large home you can also buy additional video inside stations. The system is fully wireless, No Wires to Install. It’s so easy anyone can set this up.

When someone presses the front door intercom, the indoor video monitor rings a chime sound. You can adjust the volume. The high-resolution color screen turns on and the voice turns on. You can look to see who is at the door and hear them. If you want to answer them you press the answer button to open up two-way communication. The front door station also has infra-red led’s so you can see the person at night also. Cool.

The inside base station can be set on a table top or fixed to a wall via the supplied bracket. The thing I love about this is the video station lifts out the charging base unit so you can actually walk around your home with this and put it in your pocket. The station has rechargeable batteries.

One of the main features that sets this intercom apart is it can record over 150 images. Every time someone presses the front door station, the inside video intercom takes up to 3 snap shots and stores them. If you were not home when someone came to your front door and pressed the intercom button, after arriving home you will see the inside station light flashing red to indicate someone pressed the button whilst you was away. Press play back and see the high quality color video images.

I love this product and for the price you cannot go wrong. Pick on up here and save, Amazon has them cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere.




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