Learn More About Wireless Security Systems

1. What is a Wireless Security System? A wireless security system a security system that incorporates wireless sensors a posed to a security system where you have to run wires to each security sensor. 2. Why use Wireless over a Wired Security System? Generally a wireless security system would be used in a home where either the home is not already pre-wired or if its difficult to run wires and to hide them in the attic or crawl space. Wireless security systems are also faster to set up and install and a posed to running wires, you don’t have to worry about drilling holes or the potential for damage occurring. 3. Does A Wireless Security System Cost more than Wired Security System? Generally it can be a little more expensive but not much. 4.Can I Install a Wireless Security System Myself? If you follow the simple instructions you can easily setup a wireless security system you self. 5. How long do the batteries last and are they easy to replace? Generally the batteries on the DSC Wireless Security System will last at least 5 years and can last up to 8 years. They are very easy to replace, you pop the cover off the sensor and replace the battery. The DSC Wireless Security System uses 3v lithium batteries.

One of the most popular security system brands is DSC. DSC is very cost-effective and very easy to use and install. If you want to install a wireless security system you self I highly recommend one of the DSC packages. You can buy one from one of the links below. If you need any help or have any questions drop me a line.



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