Add a Flood Alarm Sensor to your Security System, It could save you Thousands!

Add a flood alarm Sensor to your alarm system for added protection. A flood in your home or business could cost you thousands in damage if undetected. Some insurance companies do not cover you if you have a flood. Adding a flood alarm sensor to your security system can alert you of water leakage at an early stage giving you enough time to react and save your property. Here is a picture of the hot water tank in my office building. The flood sensor is the small grey plastic thing you see screwed to the floor. It has two small metal tabs, one each end of the sensor and a wire connected to it. If water touches the two metal tabs it creates a short and then trips to the security system which then alerts the monitoring station. There are a few different types of flood sensors available. The flood sensors can be installed wired or you can install them wireless. The wireless flood sensor is great for areas that you cannot run wires easily or if you cannot run wires without hiding them. In our office we have flood sensors in the kitchen, bathroom and adjacent the hot water tank. In a home you would install them in the same areas plus laundry room. You should also have your security system monitored and in turn your flood sensor would also be monitored.


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