Burglars using Google Street View, Twitter and Face Book to Plot Crimes

A UK security Firm Friedland Response report that burglars are using Google and other social media tools to target people. The firm surveyed 50 ex convicted burglars  of which 80 percent of the 50 strongly believed that Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter were being used by current criminals. Also 75 percent thought Google Street View was also involved in theft planning. Be careful what you put online about yourself.

According to the report, the average home burglary takes just over 10 minutes and only 2 minutes to break into a home with no security. 80 percent of the ex burglars said a simple home alarm system would deter them from targeting a home.

Some of the most common mistakes home owners make in the eyes of the ex-burglarsho were, leaving windows open, leaving valuables in view of passers by, hiding keys by door ways and placing there whereabouts on social networking sites.


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