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Its important to keep your security system accessible

The other day i was doing a service call to a customers security system to replace a backup battery. The customer also had a problem with their keypad displaying FC on the screen. When i arrived the 1st thing i needed to do was to locate the alarm system panel. The security system panel was located in the basement closet. When i opened the closet i found the customer had recently installed an AV (audio Video) rack in the closet full of satellite receivers, computer router, PVR etc.

The problem was it has been installed directly in front of the security system box and I was unable to open the box more than about 3 inches. The AV rack was not screwed to the floor so i moved it an extra inch and was able to replace the backup battery. The problem here is if the security system needs servicing more than just replacing the backup battery there is no way we can access the inside of the box. Its is very important that when your alarm system is installed that you do not install AV receivers, built in vacuums

etc in front of them. They need to be accessible when needed. I also fount that the telephone company had been out to work on the internet DSL and had disconnected the phone line from the box outside. When the customers alarm system tried to send its weekly test signal it was unable to and displayed a problem on the keypad. Anytime you have someone work on your phone lines its important to test your system after.


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