Alarm Monitoring and VOIP

Alarm System VOIP

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Are you thinking of switching to a VOIP home phone? What about your alarm system and alarm monitoring? The savings for VOIP or voice over IP telephone are considerable over conventional analog phone lines. Your regular home phone line with features generally costs between $35 and $55 per month compared to VOIP lines which can be a fraction of that cost. One company digital voice charges $13.95

The problem with VOIP is that it does not work with your alarm system monitoring. Your alarm system requires an analog phone line to monitor the your system. If you choose to use VOIP phone lines then there is another option.

You can have your alarm company install a cell system or cell backup system as a primary means to of monitoring. This actually gives you a wireless transmission of your alarm signals via the cell phone network. Its more secure that an analog phone line as the telephone wires on the side of your home cannot be cut. I always recommend a cell system as a backup to all my customers when I provide security advise.

If you want to save money and get a higher level of security then maybe switching to VOIP for you phone line and a cell system for your monitoring is the way to go.


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